All the classes through Immersion Discipleship School are ONLINE at this time.  Therefore, the following classes are ALL online.  Upon registration you will receive a "welcome" email immediately as well as a follow up email approximately 1 week before the class starts.  The follow up email will contain all the necessary details and information that you will need to prepare for the class that you have registered for.  If you have any questions please email or call us.

C105 - SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY - (June 24th 2019 - July 22nd 2019)

Systematic Theology is a class that will strengthen your faith in the foundational truths of God's word.  This series takes a fresh look at some of the most important Christian doctrines that every believer should know themselves and share with others.  Your faith will be strengthened as you learn more about WHO God is and WHAT God is like.  Some specific points of learning are;

-  The moral and absolute attributes of God

-  The Biblical view of the trinitarian nature of God

-  The need, provision and necessary response for salvation in Christ

-  The ongoing work of sanctification in the believers life

-  The place that Scripture has in the life of the believer

-  The importance and role of the Church today

C106 - DISCIPLES WHO MAKE DISCIPLES - (August 5th 2019 - August 26th 2019)

From the Gospel accounts it is clear that the mandate of the Church is to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). What does that mean?  How do we do that?   Where do we get started?  In this class we will discuss what it means and what it looks like to BE disciples who make disciples.  Some specifics things you will learn are;

-  What the call and cost of discipleship truly is

-  What the goal of personal discipleship is for your self and others

-  What the process of discipleship looks like

-  What the necessary tools of discipleship are

-  How to make disciples of others through relationship

C107 - EVANGELISM - (September 9th 2019 - October 7th 2019)

Evangelism is a class that will both provoke and inspire you to reach people in your life with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We will discuss a three fold approach to this topic which deals with the MOTIVES, MESSAGE, and METHODS of Evangelism.  Through this class you will consider the great commission through the lens of the great commandment.  Some specifics things you will learn are;

- A clear presentation of the Gospel which is easy to share

- Simple methods of sharing your story that leads to HIS story

- What it means to be Spirit led as you engage conversations with people about the Gospel

- How to start conversations with people that will lead to talking about Jesus

- How to pray with someone to receive Christ AND much more!

C108 - LEARNING TO PRAY - (October 21st 2019 - November 18th 2019)

Learning to Pray is class that is specifically designed to provide a Biblical Foundation for the practice of prayer in your life. This class will provoke you to consider what prayer really is and how important your role is in the unfolding of God's will as you pray. We will look deeper at the prayer life of Jesus as well as his specific teachings on this subject in order to learn how we can pray more consistently and effectively. Some specific points you will learn are;

- What prayer really is and what it is not

- How God views our prayers in His overall plan

- What the Bible tells us to pray about in the midst of pressing needs

- How vital prayer is to deepening our relationship with God

- The role that faith has in our prayer life

- The power and potential of prayer to change the world for the glory of God