FAQ Page 

How much does IDS cost? 

IDS is completely free! Our heart is to make Bible college level education accessible to everyone. We appreciate donations of any amount. 

Is IDS connected to any particular denomination? 

IDS is not affiliated with any particular denomination. However, all our staff member are active serving members in their local churches.  

Does completion of IDS qualify me for vocational ministry?

Although we seek to equip leaders for greater growth we believe that qualification for vocational ministry should be determined by God, the Bible, and your local church leadership. 

Can Ben Dixon become my mentor? 

Ben's primary means of equipping is through Immersion Discipleship School. We ask that mentorship come from your local church and immediate leadership community. 

Is IDS accredited?

IDS is not accredited but there may be credits that are transferable to Seattle Bible College upon completion of all requirements.  This will depend on each student and situation as SBC allows.