Immersion Discipleship School is the equipping arm of Ignite Global Ministries which is led by Ben Dixon. Ignite Global Ministries is a not affiliated with any denomination and works with Churches of all kinds.  It is our goal to focus on the mission that the Lord has given us without disputing some of the minor arguments that pervade much of Christianity today.  Our doctrines and core values guide us to accomplish our mission as well as help us identify with those we are called to partner with.


Scripture: We believe that the Bible, both Old and New Testament, are the inspired Word of God.  We are a group of people who love the TRUTH, thus we love the Bible.  It is our desire to uphold the Scriptures with honor and dignity as God's Word deserves - especially in our times.  

The Trinity: We believe that God is triune: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; the Three are coexistent, coeternal, and equal in divine perfection.  We are committed to worshipping the ONE and true God as the Bible reveals Him in three - yet ONE.

 Man: We believe that man was originally created in the image of God.  Through man's (Adam) disobedience - sin entered the world.  Therefore, each person born after the initial sin of Adam & Eve have inherited a nature of sin and are in need of redemption.

Jesus: We believe that while we were yet sinner Christ died for us, took our place, and with His life's blood purchased all who would believe in Him as the Messiah. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father. 

Salvation: We believe that, upon sincere repentance and a whole-hearted acceptance of Christ, we are justified before God through Jesus’ sacrificial death.

The Holy Spirit: We believe in the promise of the Father to empower his people with His Spirit.  We desperately need to be filled and baptized with God's Spirit to become witnesses of who He is.  We believe in being empowered for a purpose where the Holy Spirit gives us spiritual gifts to minister to others. 

Healing: We believe that divine healing is the power of Jesus Christ to heal the sick in answer to the prayer of faith; He, who does not change, is still willing and able to heal the body, as well as the soul and spirit in answer to faith.

The Local Church: We believe that it is essential that all Christians identify with a congregation of believers with whom they can worship God, observe the ordinances of Christ, exhort and support one another, labor for the salvation of others, and work together to advance the Lord’s Kingdom